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Any student or professional athlete can tell you the rules and significance of game-day attire. On game day, players get dressed! Whether that meant sitting in class all day in a suit and tie, or pushing the envelope of fashion like Cam Newton on Sunday, players know…you wear your best. And as players, we have an understanding of why we dress that way. It is because the clothing we wear on the outside is a reflection of the mentality we possess on the inside. As an athlete—always, but especially on game day—we are poised, disciplined, and we take our job seriously and expect to be taken as seriously by others. Our game day best is yet one more way to set us apart and make our worth known. From the time we were kids, we had a vision of what it meant to look like a truly great athlete. From Jackie Robinson to Jim Brown to Muhammad Ali, we saw the highest caliber of athletes always dressed in a manner that represented their greatness. These were our heroes--student-athletes who went on to be the greatest at their sport. Olympians and Hall of Famers who valued education and knowledge as much as the games they played, and who always made sure that what they wore was a reflection of who they were and how they should be perceived. Steeped in the tradition of the student-athlete, a large part of our picture of greatness was that game day attire.

Founder Dereck Faulkner created Lewis Dean Bespoke custom fashion clothier which specializes in bodies that do not conform to the off-the-rack suits and styles that the unique want to wear and tailoring everything is no longer efficient. But, in that same tradition of game day attire, Lewis Dean has a standard of excellence for how we want clients to look not willing to compromise. 

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